Hello Interweb!

Ok so we finally gave in and decided to join the world wide web like a normal person! Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against the internet, we just like to live off the grid a bit! Our physical store, Nasturtium Art of Living, opened up in Princeton by the Sea, California in 2004 and 10 years later we're still going strong. It was actually only this year that I looked at my mom and aunt and said, "how long have we actually been doing this?" because everything that we do at Nasturtium just feels so natural! Honesty, we had to look up the date (gosh, we're getting old) because none of us knew! Nasturtium feels like what we are supposed to be doing, we absolutely love outfitting the store with unique finds and meeting all the awesome people who come through our doors! So cheers to our longtime customers as well as the newcomers, we hope you enjoy all that our store has to offer. And thank you for supporting your local business, we sincerely appreciate your loyalty! We love you so much that we're going to prove it! Since we're approaching the big 1-0, we want to give a little something to our loyal followers and friends,  so we're kicking off a year of promotions just for you! Stay tuned for more details right here on our blog or on our Facebook and Twitter pages! 



P.S. Special Offer 1: Like us on Facebook and we will send you a $5 coupon to use at our store! Bonus: we have a really awesome and inspiring Instagram where we post pictures of Nasturtium-approved collections as well as how to integrate your new Nasturtium find into your existing home decor! Check out and follow our Instagram here